How to correctly understand mohair


2022-04-25 10:17

In recent years, "mohair" lines have appeared on the market. It's brightly colored, fluffy, and feels comfortable in the hand.

Real mohair, also known as angora, is spun from the down and hair of goats.

It has high resilience, pressure resistance and special luster. It is an excellent raw material for making plush, and can be blended with sheep wool to produce blankets and cashmere coats.

The commercially available "mohair" is not real mohair, but polyacrylonitrile fiber (trade name acrylic fiber) in chemical fiber.

It is a polymer compound polymerized from acrylonitrile monomer, which is not easy to age and has excellent thermal insulation properties. After carded spinning, it can be spun into yarns with hairy surface and disordered fiber arrangement. Acrylic fibers are mostly modified by metal before dyeing. A special acrylic dye is used for dyeing, and the dye diffuses into the fiber. It is chelated with the metal atoms in the fiber and fixed on the fiber.

Therefore, in terms of the light fastness of the fiber, the dyeing performance of acrylic fiber is even better than that of pure wool, but its comprehensive performance is still inferior to that of pure wool. Acrylic fiber is commonly known as "artificial wool". It is impossible to distinguish real and fake mohair from the appearance, light color and feel.

The simplest identification method is: take a piece of wool and ignite it with a match, and observe the residue. If it is pure wool, the residue will be ashes. When it is blown, it will disperse, and there is a special burning smell of hair; if it is acrylic, the residue will be black, sticky to the touch, and smelly. The purchase of wool

Take a look at the color. The color is required to be bright, red bright red, green green, black black, neither dazzling nor dull.

Second, look at light living. The surface must have a uniform and tidy hair, and there should be no excessive or ropey hair.

Third, look at the orderliness. Its single-strand and four-strand combined viscosity sticks are loose, round, fat, uniform, and comfortable. When you hold the fleece in your hand, it feels soft and steely. It is not light and boneless, but plump and thick; it is not dry and weak, but elastic, not sticky or loose. Selection of acrylic yarn Acrylic yarn has its own characteristics.

When selecting, you should pay attention to whether the evenness is round and plump, whether the four strands are straight without curling, and the hand feel should be elastic. Bright color is the characteristic of acrylic wool, but it is better to have a natural luster that is not dazzling. The advantages and disadvantages of cotton wool Identify high-quality cotton wool, it should be white and shiny, smooth, fluffy and soft, feel light in the hand, long fibers and no dust.

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