What is fancy yarn?


2022-04-25 10:16

Fancy yarns can be divided into three categories: fancy yarns, fancy yarns and comprehensive fancy yarns. Among them, the main features of fancy yarns are irregular appearance and yarn structure, such as changes in twist, twist direction, and twist mode, and the gloss and heat shrinkage properties of the yarn itself are different from ordinary yarns. Such yarn products include knotted yarn, covered yarn, beaded yarn, chenille yarn, core-spun yarn, etc. The main feature of the yarn is that the appearance of the yarn shows different color changes or lustre in its length direction. Special effects shades. Such yarn products include rainbow yarns, differentially dyed yarns, mixed-color yarns, disassembled printed yarns, printed yarns, and synthetic fancy yarns. The main feature is that it has both the characteristics of fancy yarns and fancy yarns , such as spaced color knot yarn, multi-color slub yarn, broken wire of gold and silver wire, etc. Among the three types of fancy yarn products, fancy yarns are most closely related to spinning technology, so fancy yarns are classified in detail. There are many kinds of fancy yarns, and there are many kinds of classification methods. The following introduces the names and composition characteristics of several common fancy yarns (threads):

1. The knotted yarn is twisted and twisted many times at the same place.

2. The helix is ​​made by merging and twisting two yarns with different fineness, twist and type.

3. Thick pitch line The soft and thick fiber bundle is attached to the core yarn and wrapped with a fixed yarn.

4. Circle thread The decorative thread forms a closed circle, and the outer is wrapped with fixed yarn.

5. Knotted yarn The decorative yarn is wound on the core wire in a spiral way, but is thrown out of the loop shape at intervals.

6. The chenille thread is sandwiched between the core thread and the horizontal decorative yarn. The end of the decorative yarn is loose with plush.

7. Diamond-shaped metal wire The outer periphery of the metal core wire (made of aluminum foil or metal sprayed material with a transparent protective film) is wound with another color, thin decorative wire and solid wire, with a diamond-shaped pattern effect.

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