How to identify real and fake "mohair"


2022-04-25 10:16

The real mohair is actually Angora goat hair, which is characterized by a large fluff fiber diameter of 10-90 microns, a long fluff of 120-150 mm, thick fluff, bright luster, high strength and elasticity. The fleece woven from it has evenly distributed upright fluff on the stem, shiny and flickering, pressed and folded, with good resilience, not easy to lodging, and will not stick to each other and pilling, giving people a plush feeling. , is unique. However, my country does not produce mohair, and the world's mohair production is limited, and its price is more expensive than ordinary wool and cashmere. True mohair is an animal hair that smells of burning hair when ignited.

Fake mohair yarns are more common in the current market, and the sales volume is relatively large. It is actually a long-haired yarn, woven from chemical fibers with a special process. It is characterized by uneven dryness of the wool line, although the surface is distributed with long fluff, but the fluff is small and curved, easy to be inverted, easy to stick to pilling after use, poor luster, astringent and hard to the touch, and its fabric has poor warmth retention and is easy to deform. Alias. Because it is chemical fiber, it has a fishy smell when ignited.

At present, most of the fake mohair yarns are sold by individual stalls. The specifications of their fake mohair are not uniform, and they are mostly sold by weight. Some people use the fake mohair yarn in groups and add water in the online group center to increase the amount of wool. Weight, or use other means to deceive consumers, this despicable method hopes to attract the attention of consumers.

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