How to identify genuine and fake mohair?


2022-04-25 10:13

It is impossible to distinguish real and fake mohair from the appearance, light color and feel. The easiest way to identify is: take a piece of wool and ignite it with a match and observe its residue. If it is pure wool, the residue will be ashes. When it is blown, it will disperse, and there is a special burning smell of hair; if it is acrylic, the residue will be black, sticky to the touch, and smelly.

The specific identification method can refer to the following three points:

a. Luster The real mohair has a soft luster and bright colors, while the imitations have obvious refraction.

b. Scales The scales of mohair are larger and more tightly covered than those of ordinary wool.

c. Fiber The fiber of mohair is relatively straight, with small curvature, strong rigidity, pressure resistance and good resilience; the imitation fiber has a certain degree of curl, and other characteristics are relatively poor.

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