How to identify real and fake mohair?


2022-04-25 10:14

Mohair is a raw material for high-end wool products. Mainly used for some high-gloss woolen fabrics and knitted wool such as plush, smooth wool coats, jacquard blankets, etc. The fabric is fluffy, noble, lively and rough, the style is changeable, and it is mostly blended in ready-to-wear.

With such a style, of course there will be "imitation mohair" on the tag. In fact, it is 100% acrylic bulked yarn.

The real mohair plush is long, thick, bright, high strength, elastic, plush and fluffy, comfortable to the touch, and has the smell of burning hair when ignited.

At present, fake mohair yarns are more common in the market, and the sales volume is relatively large. It is actually a long-haired acrylic thread, woven from chemical fibers using a special process. It is characterized by uneven dryness of the wool, although the surface is distributed with long fluff, but the fluff is small and curved, easy to be inverted, easy to stick and pilling after use, poor gloss, astringent and hard to the touch, easy to deform and lose shape. Due to chemical fibers, there is a bad smell when ignited.

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